Just on Tuesday, Icinga made its first on stage appearance at the Nagios Community Workshop in Kassel. Hendrik introduced Icinga in front of a crowded room, supported by an almost complete Icinga team. From introducing the team members and their respective project roles to the details of Icinga’s core, IDO and libdbi database, the presentation was well received. So well in fact, that we made our first Icinga fanshirt sighting. Cheers to Wolfgang:
icinga_tshirt icinga_presentation
Beyond his merchandising contributions, Wolfgang is particularly active in Icinga documentation which was announced to be available in Docbook for ease of translation. Much to our delight were the offers of translation assistance and great suggestions in the Q&A for a SOAP, REST or JSON interface integration which can be queried by other applications. To all we will keep updated with our mailing list.
Finally, Hendrik let on that the Icinga core was almost finished with the API about 75% of the way there, on target for the October release. All in all, the Kassel workshop was fantastic and Icinga survived without a hint of stage fright. Well ok, maybe a little 🙂