This doesn’t always relates to death.
Even if the topic on the Nagios-devel mailings list sounds like, Nagios is not dead and I am very happy to see that the community isn’t too.
There were many discussions, many questions but also many offers to help out.
I don’t see Icinga as an enemy for Nagios, or Ethan Galstad or his Company. Icinga is more an alternative way to do things different than they were done in the past. But the announcement last Wednesday and the discussion after shows clearly: Nagios and the community behind it is not dead.
As some of you might know, I did some bugfix contributions to Nagios in the past, spent lots of hours in the German community to help others to start with Nagios and many more. I would say for myself that I’m a community guy and I’m not interested in taking over Nagios, attack it in a commercial way or something similar. I’m interested in not to loose such a great software and I respect Ethan’s work on it in the past 10 years.
But why are we doing what we are doing? Why such a hard slap in his face and why all this so suddenly?
Even if Ethan didn’t wants to, he did some things in the past behind closed doors. Some of those things result in rumours, frustrations and misunderstandings. Misunderstandings are sad because they often show general lack of communication.
I think it’s funny but also sad that we weren’t talking to Ethan before this big bang as he didn’t talk to us about his reasons being disappeared. A colleague, may be a friend of mine told me on Friday evening, that we all are human beings and we’re going to make mistakes, that’s quite normal. The question is how to handle such mistakes in the future.
If we divide the big problem into smaller ones, as we are doing it in the IT business, one point of criticism is the bottleneck during the Nagios development cycle.
There are rumours, and I believe that there is something behind, that Ethan will change this bottleneck in the near future.
It’s a very good thing! If we think about what Ethan has to do all the time, development, supporting customers to earn money, discussing bugs, patches a.s.o. I guess that he needs a time machine to blow up his day to 48 hours.
Working in a team is more difficult than working alone, you have to think about a strategy, discuss and control it. The benefit for this overhead is to get more capacities to delegate the work on. This ensures that things are going on.
I am curios to see what will happen on that level. But for the moment things are just discussing for changes and I have to wait until the changes are going over to a hard state. I really hope for a HARD OK. 🙂